Stress, how the brain and body respond to any demand, affects everyone. All types of demands can be stressful, be they work deadlines, exercise routines, school, life changes or traumatic events. A 2019 study shows American stress levels are rising for many demographics with millennials reporting the highest average stress levels. Although we cannot eliminate stress entirely from our lives, we can minimize it by experiencing less toxic environments.


“I came to quiet my mind. To heal from a job loss, and to plot a plan away from the panic that was setting in. ... I bless this place. It helped to quiet my mind, to be open to my essence. I feel the warmth ofunconditional love, no more needing to prove my worth.” – Jim 2012

“I wanted to run away from life. Instead I ran away to ARC. I found peace and enough insight to get me through.” - J 2014

ARC Retreat Community is a quiet place offering a reflective atmosphere for individuals and small groups who seek to slow down the pace of life, restore balance, and grow on their spiritual journey.


ARC provides the space for individuals to find rest and renewal. Journal entry upon journal entry speaks to ARC’s role in assisting individuals to reconnect withthemselves, others, nature and the Divine. Records show ARC has provided this opportunity to 26,422 overnight guests since 1991.

In addition to impacting individuals, ARC has also collaborated with others to provide retreat opportunities for groups that are not otherwise able to experience the rest and renewal that others can afford. While such groups as those experiencing homelessness, US Military Vets and adults with developmental disabilities, who have retreated at ARC have reported their experience to be life changing. The ARC team serving these groups also experienced deeper awareness of the sacredness of everyone.