Volunteer at ARC

ARC welcomes volunteers for a few hours, a day, a weekend, or a week at a time. 

We often need help in the kitchen with table setting, clearing and washing dishes, especially when we have large groups on weekends.

You may also spend time helping in the garden, in the woodshed, with housekeeping, or on other regular or seasonal projects. 

We consider volunteers to be temporary community members, and it’s a great opportunity to experience ARC from the “inside.”

If you are interested, please email us at

Volunteering at ARC -- FAQ’s

Why does ARC need volunteers?

ARC has been supported by daytime and overnight volunteers since its inception, even the buildings were constructed with the support of volunteer work camps. Volunteering is central to the ARC mission of providing radical hospitality for guests. Volunteers stay and eat for free.  

What kinds of tasks do volunteers help with?

Our daytime and overnight volunteers help maintain the radical hospitality of ARC through basic food prep (chopping vegetables, making salads and dressings), washing dishes, setting tables, housekeeping (such as vacuuming and dusting), folding laundry, and other tasks as needed. Seasonally, volunteers may also help with splitting wood, raking leaves, gardening, or shoveling snow.

Where do volunteers stay?

ARC volunteers typically stay on the community side of the lodge in one of the unoccupied community rooms, on a rare exception they may stay in an open guest room. Linens and towels are provided. Volunteers are asked to clean their room and change their sheets prior to departure to prepare it for the next volunteer.

What times are best for arrival and departure?.

Volunteers are welcome to arrive and depart at times that work best for them. ARC’s preference is that Volunteers arrive at least one hour before their scheduled task so they can settle and transition into the contemplative space ARC offers. Volunteers are always welcome to join the 8:00am meditation as a way to begin their day.

We also ask that volunteers involved in serving a group retreat to stay for three hours following a group departure to help in cleaning and preparing the lodge for the next group, this usually results in a 5 pm finish time. We value you and understand that this is not always possible.

Please let the person who is arranging your dates know your own availability and they will also let you know the needs of ARC for your particular dates.

What should I wear or bring with me?

We recommend that you dress casual and comfortable, we dress similar to our guests, so think retreat. Please check the weather forecast prior to coming up and bring clothes for both indoor and outdoor work. This may mean long sleeves in summer to protect from the mosquitoes and ticks. In the spring and fall please bring warm clothing for being inside the lodge, especially for sleeping, as the heat may not be on in the in between seasons. Close toed shoes are a must for the kitchen.  

Thank you for your interest! We hope to see you soon!