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ARC Sponsored

Sponsored retreats are planned by ARC around a certain theme and are open for public registration.

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From Scarcity to abundance: ARC's 2018 NYE retreat

11am December 30th, 2017 to 12pm January 1st, 2018

From Scarcity to Abundance is a 2 night, 3 day retreat hosted by the ARC Community. We invite you to celebrate the closing of this calendar year through reflection, deep listening, and ceremony. Together we will create a space for you to “go-in” and go deep to cultivate the faith needed to manifest what you’re wanting not only in this next year, and also in your life.

Activity options include: meditation, winter hikes, yoga, song circles, a letting go ceremony and intention setting for the year ahead!

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    Private Retreats

    Need time for renewal?

    Private retreats are for individuals, families, or friends who wish to structure their own time at ARC and can be for any length of stay, as space is available.

    You can enjoy resting, reading, walking, canoeing, or simply sitting by the fireplace and looking out the huge living room window.

    Choose from three buildings on the ARC grounds, for more information visit the building specific pages (listed below).

    Group Retreats

    Group retreats hosted at ARC are facilitated and planned with leadership from the group.

    Many groups come to ARC year after year to lead their own retreats. Groups bring their own participants and agenda, while we provide the hospitality, nurturing space and homemade vegetarian meals.

    If your group is looking for a quiet, natural environment in which to plan, pray, reflect, rejuvenate, relax, explore, grow, or be inspired, ARC may be the right place for you.

    Groups typically stay in the lodge, with overflow (as needed) to the cottage and the hermitage. Smaller groups may chose to stay in and/or meet in the cottage.