Retreat in Lodge, Hermitage
or Cottage

Sunday - Thursday
$80 per person per night
Includes 3 meals
(except in Cottage)

Friday or Saturday
$105 per person per night
Includes 3 meals
(except in Cottage)

Cottage may not be available for single
weekend nights.

Weekend Package
in Lodge or Hermitage

per person
Includes 5 meals:
Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch

Friday evening through Sunday after lunch

Weekend Package
in Cottage

Group Retreats
$190 per person
Includes meals

Private Retreats
$190 for first person

Additional persons at
a lesser rate.
Please contact us
for details.

Does not include meals

Friday evening through Sunday after lunch.


9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Includes lunch

$35 per person

$45 per person


40% deposit is required to hold dates


Other Charges

Children Under 5
no charge

Children 5 - 11
half price

Children 12 and older
full rate

$5 per person

$10 per person

$10 per person


For those who cannot afford our requested fees, we wish to serve your calling to spend time apart.

Please inquire about our A Gifted Retreat program — retreat scholarships generously donated by contributors who have provided funds for this purpose.

A Note About Our Rates:

Our requested rates, as stated above, cover approximately 70% of the actual costs of providing accommodations and meals. Donations cover the remaining costs.

ARC is deeply thankful for the support received from generous contributors through the years. We would not be able to continue with our mission in the world without these generous gifts.

If you can contribute more than the above fee for your retreat, and find it in your heart to do so, you may donate as a tax-deductible contribution.