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ACR: August Cleaning Retreat

There are many different definitions and reasons for sabbatical, at ARC we intentionally entered into sabbatical to break or change our normal routine. This allowed the Board time for contemplation and discernment. It also created space for repairs and upgrades to the facility and business practices.  In May a decision was made to suspend the residential community workforce model for further study. June was the month dedicated to developing a fundraising plan. July has been focused on exterior upgrades- new chimney, tree trimming, new roof, new siding and new gutters.  With only one month left of sabbatical, we have one agenda and one agenda only for August – LOVE ARC CLEAN! 

We at ARC are excited to announce ACR: August Cleaning Retreat.

We hope you, your co-workers, your faith/social group, your neighbors and/or your family will find time to share your love for ARC by offering some time, elbow grease, and your cleaning, cooking or organizing skills during the month of August!  

Here is how it works:

Volunteers report to duty in comfortable, weather appropriate cleaning clothes. Volunteers also bring an overnight bag (if planning to spend the night/nights) and positive intention. ARC staff will have cleaning supplies and equipment (where needed). Work may be done between 9:30am and 7:30pm unless you are a kitchen volunteer preparing breakfast which has a 7:00am start time.  Meals will be served at 8:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm with optional campfire snacks in the evening (weather and insects permitting).  Volunteer roles are defined below. Shifts are four hours (day) or eight hours (overnight).  Every four hours worked, volunteers are encouraged to take additional time for retreat outdoors on the trails or indoors in one of the several spaces designed for contemplation. Overnight volunteers are also encouraged to take personal and/or group retreat time.

1.       Choose your volunteer role

         A-Room-a-Day Volunteers – responsible for floor to ceiling cleaning (one or more)of  35 rooms in the lodge  including oiling the wood logs, changing out the bedding, dusting, cleaning sink and mirror, vacuuming and making sure there is a journal and pencil on the desk.

         Kitchen Volunteers – responsible for preparing, serving and clearing the volunteer meals, doing dishes, and/or deep cleaning the kitchen, freeze room and dry storage

         Land Volunteers – responsible for hauling and splitting wood for use this winter in the “beast,” fireplaces and outdoor fire pit.

         Laundry Volunteers – responsible for washing/drying and folding all linen, organizing the three linen closets and cleaning the laundry room.

         Public Space Volunteers – responsible for floor to ceiling ( really high ceilings in some cases) cleaning of a public space including dusting, oiling the wood logs, washing/vacuuming the floor and other things specific to the space.

         Administrative Volunteers- responsible for assisting where needed in sorting, filing, data entry, archiving and packing.

         Volunteer Captain – oversee see a team of volunteers to ensuring they have the training, supplies and support needed to accomplish their assigned task.

o   A-Room-a-Day Volunteers

o   Kitchen Volunteers

o   Land Volunteers

o   Laundry Volunteers

o   Public Space Volunteers

o   Administrative Volunteers

2.       Choose your time commitment

         Day - Four hours

         Overnight - 8 hours

         Multiple days or overnights

         One week

3.       Choose your date/s

         Week July 28- August 3        

Day/s: (circle)  28  29  30  31  1  2  3

         August 4- 10                              

Day/s: (circle)  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

         August 11-17                             

Day/s: (circle)  11  12  13  14  15  16  17

         August 18-24                             

Day/s: (circle)  18  19  20  21  22  23  24

         August 25-31                             

Day/s: (circle)  25  26  27  28  29  30  31 

4.       Email your choices Suzanne at .

You will receive a confirmation note along with a volunteer form to complete. You may return the form by email or bring a hardcopy when you report for your shift.

5.       If you are unable to volunteer would like support ACR: August Cleaning Retreat with a monetary gift you may do so at or via mail to ARC Retreat Community, 1680 373rd Ave NE, Stanchfield, MN 55080

Thank you in advance for your commitment to ARC!

ARC Board of Directors and Staff

In the Last 100 Days (April -July 2019)

1. Raised cash $6,125 and pledges of $40,000
2. Hosted three open house/ listening sessions at ARC and one at Grace University Lutheran Church
3. Repaired the Chimney
4. Removed all branches overflowing onto the roof
5. Installed new roof and siding
6. Received interest from three serious teams for open grounds/ housekeeping position
7. Welcomed in eight new volunteers
8. Installed a new whiteboard to vision the future ARC

The ARC Board and Community have convened multiple gatherings to further the conversation about our past, present, and most importantly, our future.  Over 100 people have attended these events and many others have written or called with their input into this important conversation. 

In March the ARC Board approved the appointment of Dr. Suzanne M. Begin as the interim director for ARC.  Suzanne brings a diverse set of leadership skills that will serve ARC well during the next several months as the transition planning unfolds.  

Beginning on May 6th ARC entered a four month sabbatical during which the transition planning is our primary focus.   The Board--along with other key stakeholders--will discern what is the future of an ARC 2.0 and if there is sufficient support for sustainable staffing, resident community, and funding for a relaunch of ARC 2.0. 

 We anticipate the Sabbatical will run through the end of the summer when we expect to have a definitive plan for ARC’s future ready to share.  During this down time the Hermitage and the Cottage will be available for use.  Guests will be invited to provide their own meals.   See the ARC website or call for more information.

The Board and Suzanne developed a fund raising program to support the ARC transition plan.  Your monetary support is greatly appreciated.