Meals at ARC in 2018

How do you come Home to ARC without remembering the food? Over past couple of years, notions of health have changed for many ARC guests as they age, learn more about their bodies, and take on diets that feel better for themselves. To also honor our values of simplicity and community, 70-80% of our food will be either locally sourced (some within 10 miles) or organic.

To meet the steadily growing requests for whole foods, beginning in 2018, lunch and dinner will be vegan. While there may not be the traditional vegetarian proteins that you have come to expect (cheese and other dairy), each meal will have a significant amount of protein and if you’d prefer dairy it will be on the side. Each group will have the option to have 1 meat meal per visit at no additional cost, served with a comparable vegetarian choice.

If you have any questions while on-site about the nutritional value of your meals please do not hesitate to ask.

If you (or a group you are a part of) has specific dietary needs such as gluten free, legume free, diabetes, etc please let us know at least 4 weeks in advance. This will allow us to plan out meals to accommodate your needs. 

Finally, we’ve learned that on the final day, groups have settled into their ARC home and enjoy spending time together visiting. So, in beginning September 2018, rather than having breakfast or lunch as the final meal of a group’s visit, we will be having brunch. Brunch will begin at 9:45am and include ARC traditional steadfasts such as granola, egg bake, and breakfast bread as well as new favorites such as wilted kale and breakfast potatoes. If your group would like to request brunch prior to September 2018, please let us know at the time of reservation or in your correspondence at least 4 weeks in advance.