ARC Annual Giving Programs

ARC remains deeply grateful for the support received from generous contributors through the years. We would not be able to continue with our mission in the world without these generous gifts.

At this point, retreat fees and current donations are insufficient to cover the actual costs of sustaining ARC Retreat Community. Keeping retreat fees affordable while increasing charitable donations is the strategy to maintain a healthy, life-giving and sustainable organization.

Today, ARC Retreat Community faces the reality of closing its doors without your help. Please consider a commitment to ARC’s future today!

Gifts of any size, at any time are always welcome and appreciated. ARC has also created two annual giving clubs to provide a means for donors to give into a group intention that will support future guests and assist in establishing the sustainability of ARC.

Bed and Beyond Giving Club

The Bed and Beyond Club is a way for individuals, families or groups to take an active role in sustaining ARC’s future. By providing an annual renewable gift of $250, $500, $1,000 or $1,500, club members show an active commitment ARC’s radical hospitality and sacred lodge space. Funds will be used for general operations and enhancement of ARC’s retreat and volunteerprograms. Donors (who wish) will be recognized for their generosity in the ARC newsletter, on the ARC website, and on an ARC donor wall being created in the Hospitality room.


$1,500 supports a bed for one year.
$1,000 supports a dining room chair for one year.
$500 supports a chapel chair for one year.
$250 supports the trails, library, art corner, gardens, or yoga corner for one year.

Bed and Beyond Giving Club

Major Giving Club

While major gifts may also be directed to general operations, ARC has immediate and future capital needs that start at $3,000. Recognition of donors contributing a major gift will vary based on the donor wishes.

Lodge Roof$75,000 (Priority for Summer 2019)
Additional Hermitage$30,000
Bayroom/Kitchenette$10,000 (Priority for Summer 2019)
Shop/Tool Upgrade$5,000
Kitchen/Equipment Upgrade$5,000 (Priority for summer 2019)

In addition, future plans include establishing designated funds and eventually endowments to ensure ARC’s long-term sustainability. A $3,000 or more designated gift to a specific fund is another way for donors to support areas of ARC aligned with their interest. Suggested funds include Land/Building Stewardship Fund, Contemplative Program Fund, Hospitality Ministry Fund, Leadership Fund and Guest Scholarship Fund.

Major Giving Club

Special Events

Individuals and groups are always encouraged to host events, Go-Fund-Me pages and other activities to expand ARC’s reach and raise additional funds to support the mission of ARC, specific areas of interest, or other special projects. Please coordinate such efforts or direct questions to Suzanne Begin our interim leader