2019 Volunteer Days or Week-ends

Spend time IN SERVICE

We need 3-5 volunteers to assist ARC weekdays and weekends. Please contact Suzanne at director@arcretreat.org for more details.

ARC welcomes volunteers from a few hours up to a week. 

Email for more info and to sign up! 

September/October Volunteer Opportunities

Fall and Winter Retreats are lining up which means there are many volunteer opportunities available. This month Retreat Ministry Volunteers are needed to support retreatants in the areas of kitchen, housekeeping and hospitality. Land Lover Volunteers are needed for tending the trails, the wood and the landscape. Shifts range from 4 hours once a month to 8 hours a day for a week to accommodate your schedule. To secure your opportunity contact Suzanne at director@arcretreat.org.

Current need

  1. Land Lover Volunteers - Weekly needs/ day shifts

  2. Retreat Ministry Volunteers - Weekly/overnight shifts

September 17-18

September 20-22

3-5 needed

September 23-26

September 26-29

3-5 needed

September 28-29

3-5 needed

October 3-4

October 5-6

3-5 needed

October 7-10

October 11-13

3-5 needed

October 14-16

October 17-19

October 24-28

3-5 needed