ARC Retreat Community is in a critical time of renewal that requires your help,

Please consider a commitment to ARC’s future today!


The ARC Retreat Community Board of Directors recently emerged from a one year discernment process regarding the future of its 42 year old Hospitality Retreat Ministry in Stanchfield, Minnesota. The process included a summer sabbatical during which time an investment was made in critical capital repairs and replacements. A line of credit was secured to accomplish this critical work and now ARC needs the support of friends, family and the community at large to partner with the board and demonstrate its commitment to ARC’s future. 

ARC Need

ARC has immediate and future capital needs of $125,000to help cover deferred maintenance and prepare for expanded programing.

Lodge Roof                               $75,000 

Bayroom/Kitchenette                $10,000 

Kitchen/Equipment Upgrade     $5,000 

Shop/Tool Upgrade                   $5,000

Additional Hermitage                $30,000


ARC also needs $175,000 for 12 to 18 months of transitional operational supportwhile retreats are scheduled and retreat fees and charitable contributions are increased to a sustainable level.


YOUR assistanceis needed to secure $300,000 in monetary resources and to achieve a minimum of 60% occupancy for the 2020 season. Together we can achieve this through personal giving, committee leadership and prayer.

Personal Giving

Gifts of any size, at any time are always welcome and appreciated.  In addition to major gifts to cover the capital items, ARC has also created an annual giving clubto provide a means for donors to give into a group intention that will support future guests and assist in establishing the sustainability of ARC.

Bed and Beyond Giving Club 

The Bed and Beyond Club is a way for individuals, families or groups to take an active role in sustaining ARC’s future. By providing an annual renewable gift of $250, $500, $1,000 or $1,500, club members show an active commitment to ARC’s radical hospitality and sacred lodge space.  Funds will be used for general operations and enhancement of ARC’s retreat and volunteer programs. Donors (who wish) will be recognized for their generosity in the ARC newsletter, on the ARC website, and on an ARC donor wall.

$1,500 supports a bed for one year.

$1,000 supports a dining room chair for one year.

$500 supports a chapel chair for one year.

$250 supports the trails, library, art corner, gardens, or yoga corner for one year

Committee Leadership

Another way to support ARC in this critical time of renewal is by joining a committee of the Board comprised of faith-based, community, corporate and civic leaders committed to the viable and sustainable future of ARC Retreat Community.  Based on interest, committee members participate on action teams in one of four focus areas- Purpose, Provision, People and Place.  Each team has a captain that leads board commissioned assignments designed to move ARC forward.  Teams include:

·      Purpose: Spiritual Position Action Team is charged withresearching and recommending a spiritual position statement for ARC. 

·      Provision:  ARC Ambassador Action Team is charged with creating awareness of and securing support for ARC. 

·      People: Volunteer Action Team is charged with renewing a vibrant best-practice volunteer program at ARC.

·      Place: Master Facility and Grounds Action Team ischarged with developing an earth-friendly, sustainable Master Facility and Grounds Plan for ARC.

Prayer and Mediation Practice

From its inception, ARC Retreat Community has witnessed “God incidents” associated with its practice of Action, Reflection and Celebration.  Whether as an individual, small group or corporate body incorporating these daily practices for a defined period of time provides additional support for ARC.

Action:Ask and Act - Who can I pray for or serve at ARC today? Who can I acknowledge for the great work that is being accomplished?

Reflection: Contemplate - Select wisdom literature to read each day. What truth did I discover in today’s reading?  What principle or intention can I lift up for ARC today? 

Celebration:  Journal/Post on Social Media - What about ARC am I grateful for today? 

Get involved today


Contact                        Suzanne Begin, Executive Director


ARC Office                  763.689.3540

Cell                              678.525.6539