A Gifted Retreat

Give the gift of a Retreat Scholarship (or Gift Certificate) to Someone Who Really Needs It!

We started this program to extend the reach of ARC’s mission in the world. We invite you to send ARC a donation to cover the cost of one or more 24-hour retreats for someone who is deeply in need and who would not otherwise have access.

Pass it on

We will, in turn, pass a gift certificate on to those who can identify someone who would most benefit from it.

For example, we might give the certificate to a pastor, therapist, group leader, or to an organization such as the Center for Victims of Torture, Minnesota Aids Project or Chrysalis Center for Women and they would then give it to a single parent, struggling client, recent immigrant, victim of domestic violence, and so on.


Please let us know if you’d like your gift to go to a specific organization.

Contact Danielle via email to arrange your gift and know that your gift will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.