What we Do


Mission and Values




ARC provides the space for individuals to find rest and renewal. Journal entry upon journal entry speaks to ARC’s role in assisting individuals to reconnect withthemselves, others, nature and the Divine. Records show ARC has provided this opportunity to 26,422 overnight guests since 1991.

In addition to impacting individuals, ARC has also collaborated with others to provide retreat opportunities for groups that are not otherwise able to experience the rest and renewal that others can afford. While such groups as those experiencing homelessness, US Military Vets and adults with developmental disabilities, who have retreated at ARC have reported their experience to be life changing. The ARC team serving these groups also experienced deeper awareness of the sacredness of everyone.

Financial Needs

The ARC Board of Directors has deliberately entered into a transition phase of discernment including a summer sabbatical after recognizing that (a) retreat reservations and accompanying revenues were in decline, (b) the quality of retreat experience had become inconsistent, and (c) maintaining an intentional on-site community that is life-giving and supportive of a healthy spiritual life had become difficult to sustain. Labor Day Weekend is set as the target for a decision to be made about either the shutdown of ARC as a retreat community or the re-emergence of ARC or ARC 2.0. In order for the decision to be made in the affirmative, the Board is looking at four indicators: (1) people stepping forward, (2 strategic planning, (3) show of funding support and (4) staffing/leadership.

The time has come to focus on developing a financing strategy to stabilize ARC as a scared and inclusive space for retreat and renewal. This renewed foundation will support the emergence of new leaders, staff, community, volunteers, and Board participation.

As the ARC Board develops and implements a new model for stable and sustainable financing, it needssupport of friends, family and the community at large to demonstrate its commitment to ARC’s futureby or before October 1, 2019 with cash contributions and pledges totaling $300,000. This is an ambitious goal and one we believe we are collectively ready to undertake. We have broken this down into two categories of need.


Immediate capital needs

Lodge Roof /Chimney
Additional Hermitage
Bay Room/Kitchenette
Shop/Tool Upgrade
Kitchen/Equipment Upgrade
This helps cover deferred maintenance and prepare for expanded programing.

Operational support for the ARC 2.0 Relaunch $175.000

$117,500 $32,500 $15,000 $5,000 $3,000 $1,000 $1,000


$75,000 $30,000 $10,000 $5,000 $5,000

General Admin
This provides 12 to 18 months of transitional support while groups are scheduled and program revenue is increased to a sustainable level.